5 Ways to Avoid Misunderstandings

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Several years ago I visited my son for lunch at his school. He was in Kindergarten at the time and so I sat with his class as we ate and talked about his day. During the conversation I asked him what “special” he had that day. (“Specials” fill a slot everyday with a rotating schedule of art, music, science, counseling, and P.E.) He couldn’t remember what special they had so he asked his friend sitting beside him who said “P.E.” […]


How to Communicate Better

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Have you ever been in a meeting where the boss/pastor/supervisor said “Did you finish the ______?” only to have the person to whom the question was addressed sit stone faced and say “No, I didn’t know you were ready for me to start on that yet.” The supervisor thought the project should have been completed by now. The employee didn’t even know the decision had been made to move into the action phase. How does this happen? It happens when […]